Q: What kind of archaeological work are you doing at Lyon Arboretum?

A: We are currently doing survey and mapping in the areas along the ‘Aihualama stream.  Surveying involves walking over an area (usually with people spaced about 5-10 meters apart) and noting any archaeological features that we see.  These features are then mapped using a tape and compass technique, or are mapped using a combination of tape and compass mapping and a total station.  We are careful not to disturb the structure while mapping it.  In addition, a feature form is filled out in order to provide a descriptive narrative of the structure.  Later, the maps and forms are scanned, digitized, and will eventually be added to the final inventory survey report.  Our research plan and scope of work is available here.

Q: Are you planning on doing excavations at Lyon Arboretum?

A: No. We are focusing on the non-destructive methods of survey and mapping of the area along the ‘Aihualama stream, and we expect that this will take the rest of the Spring semester to complete.  Please see our map for our current progress.

Q: How can I volunteer for the archaeological survey at Lyon? Do I need archaeological experience?

A: The next day we will be working at Lyon can be found here. If you are interested in volunteering, just send an email to Kelley (esh@hawaii.edu) so that we know to expect you. You don’t need any kind of archaeological training to work at Lyon, and we’re happy to teach people of all ages and backgrounds.  Most of the work we do does involve hiking in slippery conditions, so please take that into consideration.  However, in addition to working outdoors at Lyon, we also have several other options for volunteers, such as helping with our background research of Mānoa valley, digitizing maps, and helping to maintain our website.

Q: What do I need to bring if I come to Lyon, and what time do you start work?

A: Stuff to bring: hiking shoes (with good tread), rain gear, mosquito repellent, water, and snacks/lunch.  We work from 9am – 4pm (lunch at noon), and it’s fine to come for all or part of that time.  If you can’t come at 9am, please let us know when you will be arriving, as we will need to let you in through the lower gate (Lyon isn’t open to the public on Sundays, so the gate is locked).  Also, if you volunteer, you will need to sign one of the Lyon volunteer waiver forms (just once, the first time you volunteer).  There are also safety pamphlets for you to read.

Q: Where is Lyon Arboretum located, and are there other opportunities to volunteer at the Arboretum?

A: Lyon is located at the back of Mānoa valley, near the Mānoa falls trail.  You can find out more information about Lyon and our archaeological project here, and you can visit their website to find out about the regular volunteer projects that the Lyon Arboretum offers.

Q: What’s an archaeological inventory survey?

A:  The purpose of an archaeological inventory survey is to identify and document the archaeological and historic sites in an area, so that they can be assessed and the information compiled into a report to be reviewed by SHPD/DLNR.  Please see our website for more info about inventory survey reports and archaeology in Hawai‘i.

Q: Why are you doing this project?  How did it get started?

A: Please click here to find out more about the history of this project.  You can also find out more info about the people running the project here.


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